Chiropractic Testimonials

"We love Dr. Millspaugh and his staff. He hears us when we tell him what is going on and treats accordingly. He also educates us on how what he is doing plays into our overall health. He's great with my kiddos and both love going to see him. His staff is welcoming, friendly and very organized. Their office is clean and comfortable. Their price point is very fair and affordable. Our family feels much better since making the decision to get adjusted regularly. We feel so lucky to have found Dr. Millspaugh!"

- Julie H.

"I love Dr. Millspaugh! I really feel like he saved my life. He adjusted my neck and made the dizziness and migraines stop. I would go twice a week. He and his staff are amazing and so very sweet. I love and miss you all. Bless you Dr.Millspaugh for all your amazing work and love for your clients. I wish I still lived in Oklahoma, if I ever move back I'll be coming to see you again!"

- Shayla G.

"Amazing! I recently started going to Millspaugh Chiropractic because of a pinched nerve in my upper back. I had extreme pain throughout my left arm and after a few visits to Millspaugh I was able to find relief from the pain.

I have high admiration for the entire team as they were friendly, welcoming and willing to lend a hand when needed. I look forward to the next few months as I continue my care with Millspaugh. I know I am in good hands!"

- Crystal S.

"Best doc in town! He is very professional and always available to help our family. He's even seen us after hours in emergencies!"

- Sharon C.

"Solid care with the education to boot! Will return often and recommend to friends!!"

- Kevin S.

"Great folks, extremely knowledgeable about his craft! Highly recommend Dr. M!"

- Kara O.

"I am an athlete and instructor for a combative sport (MMA & Kickboxing). My whole family trains. We put a lot of wear and tear on our bodies, but Dr. Millspaugh has been key in keeping us active and healthy. In addition to preventative treatments with him, he has helped me through migraines (that's how I originally met him), helped me recover from knee injury WITHOUT surgery, and other minor injuries as well. He is amazing. Dr. Millspaugh has been our Chiropractor for ELEVEN years. He is super knowledgefull and by far one of the most caring doctors I've ever met."

- Jessica C.

"Dr. Millspaugh restored full movement to my spine and I know I'm on a path to better health! My riding is more balanced, how do I know? my saddle stays in the center of my horse!"

- Linda R.

"Vernon is absolutely AMAZING and his staff is spectacular. The only chiropractor I will go to."

- Deanna M.

"They are the best. Always have time to get you in. Never a problem."

- Sharmania E.

"Awesome staff! Been coming here since 2000!"

- Frank O.


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9:00am - 1:00pm
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